Reduce Peer Bullying: Trust Corridor

Canan Karaman, Gülden Köprü,Hasan Turgut, Leyla Doran Kocabey, Mine Aksar, Vedat Çelik

What was the Problem?

The lack of a space for students to express themselves causes them to express their feelings and thoughts through violence. Students without a room of their own, that is, without any space to express themselves, use violence as a means of expression. So, "How can we create spaces that encourage students to express themselves?"


In the problem-solving process where design-oriented thinking methodology was applied; it was observed that students did not express their feelings and thoughts comfortably unless a secure communication environment was provided. In other words, to prevent students who do not have time and space to express themselves from resorting to violence as a means of communication, and to encourage them to express themselves, the "Trust Corridor" was developed as a classroom activity.

One day before the activity, students are asked to design a mask for themselves at home. In the classroom, students wear their masks and form a corridor by facing each other. The teacher explains that they can express anything, regardless right or wrong, in this corridor. First, the teacher walks through the corridor saying the meaning of his/her name. He/she then touches another student. In turn, all students walk through the corridor, telling the meaning of their names.

On the second day, the students are asked to bring an item they love to the school. They wear their masks and form the corridor. Each student walks through the corridor, introducing their items.

On the third day, students are asked to share their memories about one of their friends as they walk through the corridor. After each stage, the teacher talks with the students about their feelings.

Its Effect

In this process, students wanted to express themselves and share their feelings more. After the activity, it was observed that the students felt more encouraged to express themselves.


Canan Karaman (Preschool Teacher), Gülden Köprü (English Teacher), Hasan Turgut (Turkish Language and Literature Teacher), Leyla Doran Kocabey (Information Technologies and Software Teacher), Mine Aksar (Classroom Teacher), Ramazan Saraç (Classroom Teacher), Vedat Çelik (Philosophy Teacher)