Teachers Network Tools

Teachers Network works run on two main domains. Interaction Tools and Learning Modules.


Interaction Tools, provide teachers with the opportunity to utilize their interests, knowledge and competences, and provide tools and methods for them to benefit from different disciplines, are composed of a variety of Talks and Workshops.


These inspiring and mind-opening talks host speakers from different fields and bridge the academy and the field. The interaction environment established in these talks allows the speaker and the participants to listen to each other and learn from each other. The Talks consist of 3 tools: "Encounters", "SEÇBİR-Öğretmen Ağı Talks" and "Experience Sharing".

Encounters are designed to bring together teachers and people from various other disciplines. It consists of inspiring talks and QA sessions where teachers meet their colleagues and other professionals from different fields of expertise and learn from each other.

SEÇBİR-Öğretmen Ağı Talks
In these talks, where everyone can participate, outputs and results of academic studies that can contribute to education are shared.

Experience Sharing
Experience Sharing sessions are events in which teachers share their feelings, thoughts, experiences, observations and in-class practices around a common theme. Through experience sharing, it is aimed to create a platform where teachers could learn from each other and feel they are not alone.


In Workshops, teachers can acquire the methods and skills they need for their individual and professional development.

The contents of the Workshops are shaped according to the needs and interests of the teachers in the Network; these contents are created with the contribution of Change Agents, experienced teachers, experts and people from different disciplines and are developed through feedback and evaluations of the participants. Teachers Network Workshops consist of 3 tools: "Teacher to Teacher", "1 Teacher 1 Discipline" and "Case Study".

Teacher to Teacher
These workshops are designed to lead way for teachers to share their knowledge, experience and best practices based on their own individual and professional skills. 

Teachers who foster each other through feed backs, brings these best practices to their classrooms.

1 Teacher 1 Discipline
In these interdisciplinary workshops, teachers come together with people from different disciplines. Also, different disciplines are introduced, the relationship of these disciplines with education is discussed and, if possible, a solution proposal developed with inspiration from the discipline is shared.


Learning Modules provide support for practices required by teachers and other stakeholders in education, running on both face-to-face interactions and digital environments. They consist of "Thinking Skills", "Creative Problem-Solving", “Action Researcher Teacher” and “1 Solution 10 Classrooms” programs.

Thinking Skills Program
The Thinking Skills Program focuses on improving the thinking skills of teachers and, with teachers' help, of students. The program, where digital resources are provided to teachers, consists of two series of workshops: Basic Thinking Skills and Pedagogical Practice Skills.

The Basic Thinking Skills Workshops aim to help to develop thinking skills through systematic implementation and evaluation on the basis of social and scientific topics. In the Pedagogical Practice Skills Workshop, which forms the second part of the series, teachers work on classroom practices to reflect this development on students.

Creative Problem Solving Program
The Creative Problem Solving Program enables teachers to approach the problems they face every day from a new perspective and take advantage of the Design Thinking methodology to provide creative solutions to these problems. During the 4-week program, teachers work in groups, discuss with the parties of the problem they have identified, develop a different perspective and test the proposed solutions before accepting them as final solutions, and finally they prototype these solutions. The subject of the Creative Problem Solving Program is determined by the needs of teachers in the Network.

Action Researcher Teacher
It is a research process aiming at teachers to produce solutions in the field of inclusive education. Through ethnographic action research, experience sharing and creative drama, it makes teachers to systematically think about their work. It provides theoretical background information on inclusive education and child participation.

1 Solution 10 Classrooms
This workshop series is designed to increase the number of practices of creative solutions produced throughout various different workshops and to improve those solutions with the help feedbacks coming from those implementations. It aims at informing educational policies and spreading the solutions, which their classroom impact is measured, country wide.

Comprehensive acquaintance through Interaction Tools and Learning Modules is the first step in starting to share and produce together in the Teachers Network. Thus, new participants come together with people who have already been involved in the Öğretmen Ağı and have gained experience. The interaction environment established through Interaction Tools and Hybrid Learning Modules allows the participants to listen to each other and learn from each other.